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Why do my contacts have to download Simplify Me for me to be able to follow them?

Facebook's privacy rules require a user to give permission before others (even current facebook friends) can view their posts. However, once that permission is granted you will be able to follow your friends even if they uninstall the Simplifi Me app.

What other social media does Simplifi Me work with?

Currently, only Facebook and Twitter. However, we are working on adding integration of Gmail and other social media. If you have suggestions please let us know.


Can I also see email from my contacts?

In the initial version you cannot. However, we hope to soon integrate gmail into Simplfi Me. Not all email services are set up to allow apps to interact with them Gmail not only allows this but has the handy ability to have your current email forwarded to gmail. Therefore, in the near future you will be able to view emails from your Simplifi Me contacts.