About Simplifi Me

The concept for Simplifi Me came about when my mother-in-law told me that she didn't follow her grandchildren on social media because it was too complicated and she didn't want to, or couldn't, sort through all of the posts she has on different social media looking for their posts.

I said to myself "there must be an app that allows you to view posts from multiple social media for individual friends and family members". However, no matter how much I searched it just didn't exist.

Consequently, I set out to create an app that would allow users to follow their friends and family without having to sort through thousands of different posts on different sites to do so. I also made sure that the user interface is clean, clear and easy to read and that the app is intuitive and easy to use. This makes Simplifi Me a snap to set up and use for senior citizens and everyone else who doesn't want to have to worry about hundreds of settings and bells/whistles.

The result is Simplifi Me - it allows you to import your Facebook and Twitter contacts (Gmail and other social media coming soon). It sorts  posts from multiple social media by contact. You an also import contacts from your phone and link them to their social media accounts through Simplifi Me. DO NOT WORRY - we will never save, share or sell any of the login or personal information of our users or their contacts!

That means that you can see what your Aunt Sara is posting on Facebook and Twitter quickly and easily. You can "comment on" and "like" her posts directly from Simplifi Me and also post directly to her timeline (facebook).

Finally, you can keep track of your own Facebook and Twitter posts directly from Simplifi Me. You can respond to "comments" and "like" them if you wish. You can also post simultaneously (with photos and video) to Facebook and Twitter.

One thing to note is that due to Facebook privacy rules your Facebook friends must download Simplifi Me and give it permission to follow their posts. We provide an easy interface within Simplifi Me to send them a text or an email from you asking them to do so. You can tell them that if they don't like Simplifi Me they can uninstall it at any time and you will still be able to follow them as they have given Facebook that permission.


George Heym

Founder & CEO

George Heym is a Former Prosecutor, current DUI Defense Attorney, Husband, Father of 3 kids + 2 dogs and son-in-law who just wants his kids to be able to stay in touch with their grandmother

Coming soon to Apple Store!