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Are you tired of trying to keep track of family and friends across multiple social media platforms?

The easy way to stay in touch with family and friends across multiple social media platforms.

The Free Simplifi Me App

The concept for Simplifi Me came about when my mother-in-law told me that she didn't follow her grandchildren on social media because it was too complicated and she didn't want to, or couldn't, sort through all of the posts she has on different social media looking for their posts.

I said to myself "there must be an app that allows you to view posts from multiple social media for individual friends and family members". However, no matter how much I searched it just didn't exist.

Consequently, I set out to create an app that would allow users to follow their friends and family without having to sort through thousands of different posts on different sites to do so. I also made sure that the user interface is clean, clear and easy to read and that the app is intuitive and easy to use. This makes Simplifi Me a snap to set up and use for senior citizens and everyone else who doesn't want to have to worry about hundreds of settings and bells/whistles.

Now you can keep in touch with them across multiple social media without having to dig through all those posts that you don't want to see.

You can sort all of your social media by contact - making it easy to see what they have posted on Facebook and Twitter (email and oher social media coming soon). You can then comment, and take many other actions that you would normally through each individual social media app.

You can also share photos and videos to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously!

Clean and Simple User Interface

Log in to Simplifi Me with your Facebook login or create a separate Simplifi Me Login. We will never save, share or sell your personal information.

Import your social media contacts

You can import the contacts that you choose from your current social media accounts. You can also import contacts from your phone or add them manually.

Follow your own social media accounts

You can post, comment and "like" on your own social media accounts.

Easy to use contact list

Choose a contact from your list and see their activity on Facebook and Twitter.

See each contact's activity on multiple social media

You can see what each contact has posted on multiple social media rather that sorting through thousands of random posts.

Post to multiple social media simultaneously

You can post to Facebook and Twitter - including photos and video - with the push of a button. We are also working to integrate Gmail and other social media.

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